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Beata Kempinska
Beata Kempinska
08:59 08 Oct 20
You are wonderful!Thank you very much for the hard work you put into finding the Mazda 5!The car is really (so far I can only admire it in the yard 🙂 a torpedo!In a week I will let you know how it is driven :))Friday, October 16, 2020 – today it was possible to „take Mazda out of the stable” for the first time. There are now 2 weeks waiting for registration :(I just wanted to say she’s great!Torpedo too, but now I have a more personal relationship with it and it is slowly becoming a family member :)Of course I only speak her language and I am still learning her for this moment!For example, she showed that the istop function can go crazy and did not take note of anything,that I have a different opinion. Only persuasion in her language gave the expected result :)Istop works!She is poor by the way.Where she lived, she was referred to as masculine. In our country, he must like the female gender.It drives, as befits a Mazda. She can be a lady, but she can also show hers”Zoom, Zoom in temperament”.Oh! It will be happening! :)))czytaj więcej
12:03 28 Aug 20
I was looking for a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso necessarily 2.0hdi with a manual gearbox and a panoramic roof. I don’t know why, but there are very few of these cars on the market. I sell online myself, so I took a risk and bought the car remotely without sitting in it. I managed to buy a copy from a German from the backyard (seriously) and it’s pretty cool. I picked up nicely washed and working (a broken spring popped out on the wheel spacer and we shared the costs with the carforfriend). Very well prepared documents and translations, the lady in the office was impressed 🙂 Despite my fears – you can buy a used car online – I recommend it.czytaj więcej
Grzegorz Żegleń
Grzegorz Żegleń
20:16 24 Aug 20
I bought a car from them 1.5 years ago, Citroen C5 from 2009, petrol 2.0 engine with hydropneumatic suspension. It gives the specification because it was important to me. The contact from the very beginning to the very end was very good. The deadline was a bit longer and they informed me on an ongoing basis. After my dream car came to Poland, it turned out that despite the assurances it does not have a built-in reversing sensor, and it was a pleasant surprise. The gentlemen from carforfriend offered to buy and install it for free, because just like I thought it was 🙂 the price of the car also turned out to be very competitive with the Polish market (recommendable cars with such a specification with a candle, look for the affordable price for me (25-27 k )) 150k traveled (vin checked independently) and 1 owner. To sum up, I recommend the company to everyone who knows and does not know each other, they can be fully trusted – full professionalism and a positive approach, from the selection phase through the purchase decision, as well as formal matters. Best regards and I wish you a lot of cars sold !!!czytaj więcej
Zbigniew Kusz
Zbigniew Kusz
06:51 03 Jul 20
I used the help of „a car for friends”, having no knowledge about their activities, quite accidentally came across a survey on the Internet, which I completed, but the cooperation turned out to be a pleasure. From the beginning it was searching for the offers of the car which was in my interest for substituting the car on the property. Constant contact E-mail and telephone in agreeing all the details regarding the purchase of the car technical condition, preparation of the necessary documents, I am really happy with the cooperation – I recommend cooperation.czytaj więcej
Krzysztof Cisło
Krzysztof Cisło
09:17 01 Jul 20
I decided to buy a car from carforfrend, among others. because I did not find negative comments on the web about their activities. The first contact took place via the form on the company’s website. Then it’s mainly phone calls and offers sent via email. Of course, despite receiving the full description of the offer, additional photos, conversations, etc. before collecting the car, I had doubts whether I would trust the money with the right person and I would not be disappointed when collecting the car. After arriving at the place, the car was shown to me and it turned outthat everything is as described. I inspected the exterior and interior of the car, checked the VIN, put up plates and on the road. Unfortunately, after reaching home (about 100 km) I open the mask to carefully look at everything calmly. And here a nice surprise for me. Oil appeared in the coolant. The first thought I was cheating and carforfrend is not a solid company but another Mietek from a commission that pulls people. After cooling down, he writes an e-meila describing the whole situation. And here another surprise, this time very nice, is informed that the problem is not alone. Carforfrend feels to repair the car because the car is subject to a 12-month warranty. He makes an appointment for me to visit the Euro-workshop network workshop and he takes over the costs of the repair.Over 3 months have passed since the purchase and repair, I have driven over 5,000 and I am saying that nothing happens with the car. I am 100% sure of this car and convinced that it will last for a long time. I think my description will convince you to the concept of buying a car with carforfrend. This is a really recommendable company and you don’t have to worry about your money. And even if something goes wrong (after all, we buy a used car with its own history, mileage, etc.), you will not be alone with it.I recommend them to everyone. I will definitely buy my next car with friends for the company. I am convinced that people who are a „car for friends” treat their work as a passion, not a daily duty. To sum up: MEGA POSITIONS I RECOMMEND AND THANK YOU.czytaj więcej
Maciej Wróblewski
Maciej Wróblewski
17:37 30 Jun 20
I bought a Ford Focus mk2 station wagon from Carforfriend. Like nothing special, a common dumper, with a weak engine and medium equipment. Who would import it from Germany like so much in Poland? For example me. I didn’t trust Polish commissioners or even private sellers, I was afraid to buy a car in poor condition or with a hidden defect. I preferred it to someone who knows this and pay for the car a little more than buying locally, but I have certainty. And it worked – all the good reviews I found on the internet were confirmed. Car 100% efficient, no accidents. This is not a dream car, I was looking for something else (Saab 9-5), but here at least I am sure that the car is GOOD and it will be trouble-free to use. By the way, a pleasant atmosphere both when picking up the car and during the search. I would recommend.czytaj więcej
Arek Miazga
Arek Miazga
12:55 29 Jun 20
Na firmę ‘’Carforfriend’’ trafiłem przypadkiem jak się okazało był to strzał w 10 – tkę. Pan Daniel, pomagał mi od A do Z wyszukać autko jakie sobie wymarzyłem. Poszukiwania trwały prawie 2 miesiące, a wszystkie moje wymagania zostały spełnione przez Pana Daniela, który w mojej ocenie jest magikiem i robi to z dużym profesjonalizmem i wiedzą. Hyundai i 30 właśnie dziś odebrałem w okolicy mojego miejsca zamieszkania nie musiałem jechać na ”drugi koniec” Polski, Pan Daniel zadbał o kierowcę aby podstawić samochód we wskazane miejsce. Auto bajka wszystko się zgadzało z opisem i wiedzą jaką uzyskałem od Pana Daniela. Cieszę się, że nie muszę tracić czasu na jazdę po komisach i samemu weryfikować samochody, które pozostawiają wiele do życzenia. Wszystkim niezdecydowanym serdecznie polecam ‘’ Carforfriend’’ to działa i o nic się nie martwisz. Dziękuję całej ekipie, w szczególności Panu Danielowi, któremu mogę wystawić mega pozytywna ocenę. Pozdro Arekczytaj więcej
Piotr Pstrąg
Piotr Pstrąg
15:57 31 Mar 20
Na firmę carforfriend.de trafiłem całkiem przypadkowo. Akurat szukałem samochodu do 25 tys i padło na honde civic 8. Od samego początku byłem informowany na bieżąco co do przebiegu całego procesu od sprowadzenia do odbioru auta. Pan Daniel najlepszy fachowiec i duże podziękowania za cierpliwość do mojej osoby i masy pytań jakie mu zadawałem 😁Dla wszystkich, którzy mają wątpliwości mogę polecić tą firmę bo jest rzetelna i robią to co lubią z wielkim zaangażowaniem i pasją.👍 Pozdrawiam i mam nadzieje, że kiedyś przy zmianie auta na pewno się jeszcze spotkamy 🙂czytaj więcej
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